One-Day Weaving Taster Class

This one-day beginners' weaving class is designed to be fun, and will allow you the freedom to experiment whilst create beautiful cloth without any previous weaving experience.

Taught in small groups of four or less and using easy to operate equipment, students will get a feel for what can be achieved using a multi-shaft loom, try out different patterns, and create a piece of cloth to take away with you.

You will be taught how to prepare the yarns you want to use (and there are lots to choose from!), and how to make different patterns on your loom (like herringbone, or waffle weave), and at the end of the day you may even have woven enough cloth to go away and fashion into a scarf, a table runner, or a cushion.

This is a six hour class running from 10.00am - 4.00pm

Cost £120.00

Dates for Classes in Autumn 2019:

Sunday 8th September

Sunday 29th September

Sunday 3rd November

Sunday 24th November

Sunday 1st December

All materials are supplied and are included in the price of the course.


Introduction to Multi-Shaft Weaving

This weekend-long beginners’ course is designed to give students a feel for what can be achieved using a multi-shaft loom, and leave afterwards with enough knowledge to start weaving on your own.

Taught in small groups up to three people and using four and eight shaft table looms, students will have an opportunity to weave on a number of pieces of equipment, each one set up differently, so that a wide variety of patterns and techniques can be explored.

As well as sampling, students will also learn about weaving notation, how to make a warp, and how to set up a loom ready for weaving.

This is a full weekend class (Saturday and Sunday 10 - 5 with an hour's break for lunch)

Cost £250.00

Dates for Classes in 2019:

14th/15th September

26th/27th October

16th/17th November

7th/8th December

All materials are supplied and are included in the price of the course.


Bespoke & Group Learning

In addition to my beginner and taster classes group classes can be arranged for parties of up to 4 people, and can be themed around making something in particular (a scarf or table runner, for example).  Or they can just be a fun social activity for a group of friends to enjoy while learning a new skill.

Whether you are a complete beginner or just want to brush up your skills (or learn some new ones) please don't hesitate to get in touch to ask any question your may have or to let me know what your learning needs are.

Techniques of Rug Weaving

This one-on-one, focused course is designed for people with some experience of weaving, and who want to learn techniques specific to rug weaving. Using one of the looms I create my own rugs on, students will have the opportunity to try out various techniques, including Plain Weave techniques such as Kilim (or slit tapestry), Interlocking (or Swedish) Tapestry, and Soumak; as well as Multi-shaft techniques like 2/2 Twill and Broken Twill.

I will also teach various techniques for finishing the edges of rugs.

Content and the length of tuition can be tailored to suit individual students' needs.  For example, two full days allows time for students to try out the various techniques and go home with some samples, but 4-5 days will be needed to weave a full rug.