Handwoven Rugs

All of my rugs are handwoven, by me, in my London studio, and are often woven using yarn that I have hand-dyed to achieve the exact colour and shade required. They are luxurious to the touch, whilst remaining hardwearing, and are of the highest quality. Most of my rugs are private, one-off commissions, however, you can usually find a small number of finished pieces for sale on the shop page of this website.  

Commissioning a piece of work

Rugs and wall hangings can be commissioned and made to order in any size, and incorporate any desired colour or pattern. The loom I use has a maximum weaving width of 90cm, so for larger commissions, separate sections are woven and then stitched together. The price for custom-made pieces is out at £30.00 per square foot / £325.00 per square metre.

Enquire about commissioning a rug

Commissioned Pieces