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Alan Oliver is a self-taught textile artist specialising in the production of handwoven rugs and wallhangings.  He weaves all of his pieces at his South London studio, and, in addition to the weaving process itself, hand-dyes all of the yarns he uses in order to achieve the exact colours and shades required for each rug.

The process of hand-dyeing and weaving is time consuming, and a standard sized rug (90cm x 145cm) can take over 40 hours to produce.  

Commissioning a Rug

All of the designs featured on these pages can be customer made to order in any size and in various colours. The price for standard sized rug (90cm x 145cm) starts at £650.00 and increases from there depending on the size, design, technique involved and materials used.

Please contact me for price enquiries or any questions you have about commissioning a piece of work.