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Alan Oliver is a self-taught textile artist specialising in the production of handwoven rugs and wallhangings. He weaves all of his pieces on a Kentish floor loom in his South London studio, more often than not using yarns that he has hand-dyed himself in order to achieve the exact colour and shade required.

Many of Alan's rugs may be hung on the wall as an alternative to use underfoot, they are luxurious to the touch, whilst remaining hardwearing, and are of the highest quality.   

Commissioning a Rug

In addition to the items for sale in the online shop, all pieces are available to order, and can be made to any size and in various colours. The price for custom-made pieces varies depending on size and design as well as the technique involved, and start at £30.00 per square foot / £325.00 per square metre.  Additional charges apply for wall-hanging rails.

Please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions about commissioning a piece of work.