Traditionally woven rugs and textiles


I have always been drawn to textiles.  In fact, it was a love of fabric - it's tactile nature, engaging patterns and colours - that led me to my previous career as a furniture upholsterer.  Being able to work with beautiful fabrics on a daily basis, and use them to transform well-loved pieces of furniture for people, truly was a joy.

Like my career as an upholster, the transition to professional weaver was never really planned, but it was born out of the same obsession.  One day, while on a trip to Kent, I happened across a floor loom for sale; I bought it on a whim, and without realising it, sparked a new passion in my life, and at the same time marked the start of a new direction in my career.  

Humans have been weaving cloth for millennia, and for as long as this has been a necessity, so too has been our desire to embellish it through woven pattern.  Through exploration of the limitless weave structures, techniques and materials availably to the weaver, I found myself captivated by the seemingly endless possibilities, in both functionality and design, offered by this ancient craft.  Later, when I discovered rug weaving, I found it to be the perfect medium for combining functionality with beauty.  

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